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Aranya Naturals
Aranya Naturals frequently
participates in textile exhibitions
and symposia all over India and
internationally. Come, visit our
stalls and witness the Aranya
story firsthand…
Upcoming exhibitions

Past exhibitions
 Paramparik Karigar Exhibition and Sale Kolkata, November 25-29, 1998

 Dakshinachitra Exhibition Madras Craft Foundation, Chennai, December 15-25, 2000

 Heimtextil India International Trade Fair, Mumbai, October 10-13, 2005

 Paramparik Karigar Exhibition and Sale, Mumbai, September 18-23, 2006

 International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dyes, Hyderabad, November 3-11, 2006

 Srishti World Disabled Day Exhibition, Kurinji Outlet, Munnar, December 5, 2006

 Paramparik Karigar Exhibition and Sale, Mumbai, September 18-23, 2007

 Sutra: Raksha Seminar, Kolkata,
February 20-25, 2010

 100 Hands Exhibition,
Bangalore, November 24-28 2010

 Paramparik Karigar Exhibition and Sale, Mumbai, January 13-16, 2011

 Ninth Biennial Symposium
Textile Society of America
Oakland, California, USA, October 2004

 Festival of Quilts,
Birmingham, UK, August 17-20 2006

 Indian Trade Promotion
ABC Home, New York, USA, February 5-March 11, 2007

 30th WCC Asia Pacific General Assembly and Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand, September 1-6, 2007

 Shibori Symposium, Textile Centre of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA, June 4-10, 2008

 Knitting and Stitching Show 2008
Alexandra Palace, London, UK, June 4-10, 2008