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Aranya Naturals
Quality extends to
judicious selection of
the finest raw
materials. The dye
is extracted under the
watchful supervision
of experts, ensuring
rich, natural hues. All
yarn and fabric
yardage are carefully
weighed. Specific
proportions are
strictly adhered to.
Meticulous attention
to detail characterises
the work ethic at
Aranya. This paves
the way for an end
product that is truly
outstanding, readily
meeting stringent

Sourcing fabric
We source the finest quality natural fabric from all over India, keeping in mind that only natural fabrics like cotton and silk take natural dye.

Quality Check
The South India Textile Research Association certifies Aranya Naturals’ colours as “excellent” for their fastness. This certification qualifies us for international trading.

Use of pure, soft water
The obsession with creating true-to-life colours at Aranya extends even to the choice of water. Only Munnar’s natural, unpolluted streams offer a plentiful supply of sparkling, chemical-free and crystal-clear water, helping to create colours of a depth and richness not seen in any urban environment.

The entire process of making dye and fabric at Aranya is environment-friendly, from the use of natural raw materials to the sophisticated treatment of wastewater and of residue. At Aranya, we understand that environmental preservation is the key to sustainability. We consider every leaf, every tiny seed, every blossom to be a precious gift of

nature. Hence when our youngsters gather the raw material for the dyes, flowers and leaves are never plucked, and trees are never mutilated to ensure that the delicate balance of nature remains undisturbed. Even leaves are gathered only from felled branches of trees used for firewood.

We channel our waste water
into an effluent treatment tank
and recycle the water for use in
the gardening project, in accordance with Pollution
Control Board regulations.

The residue of the raw materials used goes into making organic manure. Some residue such as tea fiber is recycled into handmade paper by Athulya, the handmade paper project at Srishti.

Use of sophisticated roller-dyeing, calendaring, hydro extraction, powdering, indigo vat and jigger dyeing machinery ensures even colours for larger quantities of yarn and fabric yardage, and gives a good finish to our products. We also use industrial gas to both improve the quality of dyeing and quicken the pace.