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Aranya Naturals
Aranya Naturals also works
with designers, dyeing fabric
as per their designs

 We create natural dyed fabrics to
match designer specifications
 We make saris, stoles, shirt
material etc for designers as per
their design
 We dye cotton yarn and fabric,
any type of silk yarn and fabric,
jute, hemp, bamboo and pashmina

 We also offer:
 Natural Colour Printing
 Mordant Printing: a method by
which different colours and tones
are produced when printed cloth is
dyed in various dyestuffs.
 Resist Printing
 Screen Printing
 Stitching cushion covers

Our Suggested Capacities
Everything produced at Aranya is handmade. So we have no lower limit for orders! We can make 2 saris or 200. But as we create unique garments with painstaking care and loving attention to detail, we need time to create products of the highest standard. These are our suggested capacities for all our services.
Dyeing of Cotton Yarn
Dyeing of Silk Yarn
Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics
Dyeing of Silk Fabrics
Dyeing of Wool
Batik Printing
Shibori (Japanese Tie and Dye)
Stitching work (Cushion Covers)
200 kilos per month
30 kilos per month
200 metres per week
200 metres per week
30 kilos per month
50 metres per week
200 metres per month
50 pieces per month