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Aranya Naturals
Seminars and workshops
These are some of the seminars and work shops our staff have attended to further their knowledge on making natural dyes.

In India
 Weaving and dyeing workshop,
Auroville, Pondicherry, 1998

 Neeli Rangu Seminar,
Vallur, Andhra Pradesh, August
10-12, 2008

 Training Programme, Ministry of
Textiles, Govt of India,
Bangalore, March 11-17, 2002

 Sutra Conference, Kolkata,
October 11-16, 2003

 International symposium and
workshop on Natural Dyes,
Hyderabad, November 3-11, 2006

 Culture of Indigo — Exploring the
Asian Panorama Plant, Product,
Power India International Centre,
New Delhi, November 29-December
1, 2007

 Bengal Natural Dyeing Workshop,
Maiwa Foundation Fulia, Kolkata,
January 28-February 3, 2011

 Revival of Natural Indigo
WCC, Chiang Mai, Thailand,
September 20-25, 1998

 Ninth Biennal Symposium, Textile
Society of America, Oakland,
California, USA, October 2004

 Chemicals vs Natural Dyes panel,
30th WCC Asia Pacific General
Assembly and Exhibition,
Bangkok, Thailand, September 1-6,

 Shibori Symposium, Textile Centre
of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA,
June 4-10, 2008

 Textile Workshop on Natural
Dyeing, Puglia, Italy, June 15-26,

 Isend 2011 International
Symposium and Exhibition, La
Rochelle, France, April 25-30, 2011

A big part of our efforts to revitalise the art of natural dyeing is by disseminating our learning and knowhow to other practitioners, whether at national or international symposia or at our own Srishti

Centre in Munnar. Aranya conducts workshops regularly on Natural Dyeing for fashion technology students and textile enthusiast.